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Saturday, April 24, 2021 

Top Stock Trade Ideas for the coming week


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WOW is the word of the week. A huge congratulations to you, if you paid attention to my alert on OCGN from Tuesday at 6.84, as you are probably sitting on pretty hefty gains at the moment or booked a huge profit. The stock just doubled investors' money in merely a few days. Congratulations to all those who were able to witness this technical groundbreaking alert. For some reason my twitter account is growing incredibly and all of you are making a huge difference out there. I hope you are making some sweet profits along with me. This stuff is just too easy sometimes. Again, you guys are all awesome but be kind and don't ask me price targets, because we all have different investment strategies, and what is a good exit for me, could not be a good one for you, and vice versa. I give you all informations on the technical charts with pivot points for you to take decisions. Go treat yourselves to something special this weekend with this BIG profit ;) From a technical standpoint, this high flyer could see some profit taking in the coming week due to its extreme overbought conditions. In this scenario, I will use any pullback to 7.75-8.25 to go long again.

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Bio-Path Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:BPTH) I've covered this low floater in the past, and it appears the stock is getting attention again. I've always felt this stock has potential to rally.  From a technical standpoint, it needs to break through $6.20 to really get going.  A break of that figure brings $7.80 into focus. Keep a close eye on this one the next few days.

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What a great trading session for Dolphin Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:DLPN). It pushed higher throughout the day and closed out the session gaining more than 28% on heavy volume. This creates a bullish scenario for Monday, one in which the stock opens the day a few ticks higher and then continues its rally. The next resistance level to watch is at 14.50. Above this level could test 20 next.

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China Recycling Energy Corporation Common Stock (NASDAQ:CREG) is finally starting to break out. The stock hit bottom in the low $6.80's and has started to work its way higher. Yesterday it was up over 14% on a breakout type move. Another great twitter alert before the crowd.

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JOB potential gap fill candidate over 63c

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The stock surged in the final hour of trading and closed back over 10.30. The real fireworks should begin if Alset Ehome International Inc (NASDAQ:AEI) can close above $10.70. With its low float and the company already bringing value into these shares, at some point the share price will break out. The daily MACD is starting to curl upward which should eventually lead to price increases. That bodes well for a breakout.

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We're on the verge of a possible breakout in the shares of Microvision, Inc.(NASDAQ:MVIS). The stock finished the day up 36.76% on a huge volume of over 117 million shares exchanging hands on the day. I'm watching the stock again as the stock looks to be setting up for a big upside move. The technical chart shows a possible new rally as the MACD fast line is back above the MACD slow line, while the RSI is also gaining strength developing a new uptrend and with stock back above 20-day exp moving average we should see more upside coming. The key resistance level to watch tomorrow is at $19.37. Watching for a possible breakout there.

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FreightCar America, Inc.(NASDAQ:RAIL) surged 29.26% Friday on one of the heaviest volume sessions this month, with 16 million shares traded. The broke out of a key horizontal resistance line and closed slightly below the high of the day, which now represents the next resistance for the follow through move on Monday. If a breakout above this level occurs, we could see a continuation of current momentum toward the 7.5-7.76 range.

I’ll be back on Monday with more updates....

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