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Friday, August 15, 2008 

Have we found the bottom of this market ?

Many questions are currently present in minds of many investors after the strong performance of the stock market in recent days. Have we found the bottom of this market? There is no concrete answer for this question. People still acting in this market with lot of uncertainties, but one thing is materializing, the fear of investing these days is dropping. The only certainty is that nobody has a concrete answer. The feeling gives, however, signs of reversal. The American financial agency Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that a barometer shows greater optimism on the part of professional investors. Although the majority of respondents continue to predict a fall in the indices of the stock market, are much less those who are pessimistic. The sharp fall in raw materials, particularly oil, which dropped 20% from the record, is a major factor that sustains the hope of a greater number of professionals in the industry of investment. Confidence in relation to the performance of the global economy, measured also by the barometer of Bloomberg, rebounded in August compared with the minimum of ten months recorded in the previous month. The dark days that we have seen over the recent months, might be near the end. I’m beating for a strong second half of the year for the stock market. It’s clear that the macro economic indicators are not in favor of the optimism in general, but the recent sharp drop in the raw materials that push crude Oil and other commodities into the bear market territory, will contribute significantly for the improvement of economic in general. Let’s see what the sovereign market will tell us in the coming days!!! The fresh air has already reached the Bulls ....

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