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Friday, August 15, 2008 

Mercedes covered with diamonds !!! Amazing

Do you love luxury cars? So, this post is just for you!

I heard that people, well, people who lives from oil, they lives like kings, or better than kings. I already saw pictures of beautiful houses, palaces, boats and cars of those people, but today I was surprised when I saw these pictures! Yes, this is a Mercedes covered with beautiful diamonds! No, this is not my car ;-) This car belongs to the Prince Waleed, from Prince Saudi Arabia. Oh, if are thinking to see this car, don’t touch on it, because you if you do that, you have to pay $1000.

Photos courtesy of DrollThings.com !!!


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What a tool.

THat description is totally wrong. They are not diamonds nor is it owned by an Sadi prince or whatever. I saw this car in person at SEMA 06 in a booth for dumb car accessories. Look at the background in that pic, that's the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas convention center. I took a pic of this car myself. They are plastic jewels not worth two cents. This car is now worth less than it was originally because it's covered in plastic FAKE diamonds.

Pay $1000 to touch it? Really? Somebody is a total moron.

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