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Sunday, September 12, 2021 

Here are several penny stocks and others to watch next week


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You know, sometimes hitting a winner in the market can be so effortless, and when it happens, you gotta celebrate a little bit. Once again Camber Energy Inc (NYSEAMERICAN:CEI) amazed and wowed the market with another Monster rally on strong volume expansion. A little over a month ago the stock was dead to the world and I wrote on Stocktwits/Twitter on Aug 5th about the similarities that were appearing on the bottom pattern of the chart, that reminded me of past mega bounces, and Voilá, i nailed it. A few days later the stock did exactly the same explosive move and is now trading around $1.50. Congratulations to all my readers and twitter followers that played and pocketed some massive gains. In the very short-term, the stock is back to extreme overbought levels following the gains last week, so a pullback could be in order before the uptrend resumes. However, if stock spends a prolonged period in the extreme overbought levels, it shows the trend is upward and in this case a move to next pivot level of $2.26 is realistic.

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Antelope Enterprise Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ:AEHL) For those of you that will be celebrating this weekend thanks to the CEI massive rally, I would like to present this chart of another low float stock that could see a nice bounce in the week ahead. I am very good at sniffing out stocks that are on the cusp of a short squeeze. Unlike buying a stock, when you can only lose as much as you invest, a short seller's loss potential is literally unlimited, which is one of the reasons why short squeezes occur. It's a panic and it can cause rapid moves higher in a stock price and in low float stocks the move could be even quicker. With just 2M shares public float and nearly 25% of the float sold short with a bottom chart, this stock is literally one of the best cases for a good risk/reward to create a short squeeze. This was a $7 stock less than 4 months ago and once it starts to squeeze higher there is really no telling exactly where it will go. One thing I do know, shorts need to buy back the stock to profit from their bets, which only adds fuel to the fire. The break of 3.48 next week could be explosive.

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Acasti Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:ACST) is also bottoming out. This one could easily run to $3 in a heartbeat, just needs a little love and attention. Bullish MACD crossover on 4h chart.

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Ironnet Inc (NYSE:IRNT) is still looking very strong. It pulled back a little at the end of the day on a small sell, but otherwise was up ticking with every buy. I expect this momentum to carry right on through to next week, where we could see $28 - $30 in rapid fashion. Keep an eye on her.

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Naked Brand Group Ltd (NASDAQ:NAKD) penny stocks have been on fire and this MEME stock deserves your attention again. Not only because it is a penny stock, but also because the chart is curling up. The technical 4H chart shows the possibility of a new rally as the stock bounced up after dropping back to its previous major resistance area, now major support. Further rebound is expected to test 66c. If a break above this level occurs, price could eventually target the 80c region to the upside.

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Wisekey International Holding AG (NASDAQ:WKEY) I remain firmly behind this NFT stock. This stock is currently trading around $8 and I have little doubt it rallies to well beyond $20 at some point. Those accumulating at these levels, in my honest view, will be sitting on some sizable profits down the road. Patience is key.

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Professional Diversity Network, Inc. (NASDAQ:IPDN) This stock is in the process of bottoming and we expect a pop above its 200-day EMA at some point in the coming sessions.

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On the watchlist no trigger yet. Long above $2.14. If the stock can break through this level, buy the stock and watch it take off. There is plenty of accumulation on the daily chart.

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Ion Geophysical Corp (NYSE:IO) Large volume on Friday. This is a candidate for a breakout, $1.50 is the pivot level to watch.

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