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Saturday, November 17, 2018 

Interesting setups that you should watch next week

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When the stock market is down, should we buy or sell? Thats always the million dollar question for many investors. Your instinct probably says yes, but looking at this daily chart formation, it maybe wise to buy rather than sell, because of the December effect. While buying the dips can be scary for investors, it's been a great strategy in recent years, especially in this particular season of the year. The rising accumulation line also indicates that smart money is doing exaclty that. Above chart shows what it looks like to be a head and shoulders bottom pattern  or in other words an inverted head and shoulders, which is the first sign that a bearish trend is about to end. The inverted head and shoulders formation represents a decline to a new low and a rally to immediate resistance, followed by a second decline to a lower level, then a third, more modest decline and rally through resistance. However, take note that the index must break the neckline of this pattern located at 2816 in order for it to be a valid inverted head and shoulders. Many market participants and friends are reluctant to believe in a Santa Claus rally this year, but im confident that we will see it happens once again.

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Applied Materials, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMAT) stock chart is also displaying an inverted Head and Shoulders formation. The good reaction to bad news "Guidance" is the ultimate indicator of positive sentiment for next week. If a company releases bad news and its stocks are going up, it may mean that all bad news are priced in JMHO. The break of "neckline" resistance next week, could lead to a nice short squeeze and one that will be fun to watch.

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) continues to be bought on dips as accumulation chart suggests. The near-term bias remains neutral but a daily close above $22 will shift the bias to bullish.

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Watch Real Goods Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: RGSE) to go higher, the stock had good volume and a nice big candlestick on Friday. This was on my watchlist last week for 51c break.

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Digirad Corporation (NASDAQ: DRAD) was over $1.58 last month and closed Friday at $1.03. Insiders purchased more than 40k shares in the last 2 weeks. We could see a sharp rally out of these oversold conditions.

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Second Sight Medical Products Inc (NASDAQ: EYES) still in play for me. I'm following the smart money here. Director purchased 6M shares in just 4 months. Plus, the stock is very oversold. This chart shows the velocity of amplitude "move" that stock does, everytime it reaches extremely oversold conditions. On watch for a big bounce.

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MTNB stock is holding its ground really well above its key EMAs and the golden cross is about to HAPPEN for the first time in months, which is a strong bullish signal. It could see a nice bounce here.

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AEterna Zentaris Inc. (NASDAQ: AEZS) broke out to new highs Friday on heavy volume. The stock has been on fire and it is hard to predict how far the momentum will take the stock. If you want to ride the uptrend as long as possible, you can hold the stock with a trailing stop.

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