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Saturday, October 06, 2018 

Small caps to watch next week and 19 trading rules

Dearest Readers/followers :) 

Small-capitalization stocks are on fire, so i will be here as long as the momentum is in our favor (i dont trade OTC stocks). Small-cap stocks generally provide the best returns for day traders, but we need to be aware of the risks. There could be liquidity problems if someone is trying to take a big position in a small stock, so if your account is small, please diversify in order to avoid been stuck in just one stock and use tight stops. Small cap companies can be a good opportunity because of the cheap share price, but we need to have rules to trade them. Meanwhile, and based on my experience over the years, here are some basic trading rules that should be taken always in consideration for trading in order to become a successful trader in the stock market. 

1 - The trend is your friend, so never go against the trend. 
2 - Keep your losses small. Golden rule: Cut losses short. Let profits run. 
3 - Use stops. The stop loss should be placed few cents below the supports and not at the same level. 4 - Learn the basics of fundamentals, charts and technical indicators. 
5 - The good trader is one who makes consistent gains, so don’t be a greedy trader, appreciate the small and the big gains. 
6 - Do not fear the market. Be always confident in your trade decisions. 
7 - Never buy what you do not want, because you think it is cheap. 
8 - Always be conscious that the loss may arise and you should be prepared for that to happen. Open mind. 
9 - For large positions, you must to have total control of the market never losing sight 
10 - Volume is a leading indicator, so play the breakouts using the volume as support of your decision. 
11 - Chart breaks without volume could be a trap and the probabilities of succeeding are low 
12 - Do not be hasty to buy or sell a stock, every day there are new opportunities to make money. Be patient is the key of success of any trader. 
13 - Only believe fundamentals as long as the technical signals follow. 
14 - Trading very speculative stocks is a frequent mistake. 
15 - Do not trade positions too large relative to your available capital. 
16 - Do not invest all your money in one company. Your portfolio must be diversified. 
17 - The Greed to pick tops or bottoms is a usual error. Wait for the perfect and confirmed signal. 
18 - Do not make trading decisions based on a story you saw in the morning paper. The market many times has already discounted the information. 
19 - Review your missteps to improve your skills 

With patience and discipline, you can take much more from the stock market than you ever gave. Trading stocks is not easy for beginners or professionals, it is really very hard and requires lot of attention and knowledge. If stock trading was easy, everyone would be doing it. You can be successful at the stock market, with patience, discipline and a good trade set-up. The key objective is to make money and not lose it.

( click to enlarge )

The strong move in Altimmune Inc (NASDAQ: ALT) shares was something that I tweeted on Friday's morning around the $5 level before the move. The stock price broke out of a bottom/accumulation pattern accompanied by strong volume. I scalped this stock in the past and missed the massive run-up because I did not buy and hold, but I think we will see a nice follow through next week to fill the gap on chart. I am keeping ALT on the list for the next few days.

( click to enlarge )

On watchlist, no trigger yet. NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: NIHD) continues to consolidate in a very tight range. The stock has been in a nice uptrend for three consecutive months and it looks very strong with all EMAs going up. If you're long use the rising 50-day EMA as your stop-loss. Breakout watch over 6.10

( click to enlarge )

Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: BLPH) finished higher on Friday after bouncing off of support around the 1.05 area, a strong support region, that may represent the bottom, in the short-term technical chart. Investors continued to support BLPH stock around this key support level, absorbing the waves of selling and pushing the share price higher. The volume looks like it is picking back up and the MACD is about to cross above the zero line. Look for a break above the 1.33 level to enter longs.

( click to enlarge )

Matinas BioPharma Holdings Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: MTNB) experienced wild swings on Friday. At one point the stock was very oversold at 75c and then bounced all the way back to 88c. I think this was a very important day, as the stock might be indicating the market capitulated at the lows. If Friday’s support holds next week, it could be a turning point for the stock. This sympathy play of AMRN could see another strong move to the upside very soon IMHO I recommend everyone to watch this video HERE that was published on October 1 with the CEO saying the company is beating out competitor for reducing serum triglycerides. Im long and strong.

( click to enlarge )

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ: RXII) shares decreased 70% from a couple weeks ago after making a big uptick. Now that offering was closed with prices well above current levels, stock is ready to make a solid move since it has started recovering from its recent strong support zone. Additionally, as you can see on chart, money flow has been very high during the consolidation/accumulation phase which is a very positive sign from a technical perspective, so don't ignore it, consider taking advantage of the situation. Any break above the 68c level next week, could be a good sign to close the HUGE gap.

( click to enlarge )

Sphere 3D Corp (NASDAQ: ANY) could be in the early stages of a technical breakout. If the stock can break through 37c, expect to see heavy volume drive the stock higher. Short-term technical indicators are looking bullish.

( click to enlarge )

Microbot Medical Inc (NASDAQ: MBOT) is screaming for a bounce opportunity and I think we can see some nice moves next week. I continue to see a lot of potential in this company. Keep MBOT on your trading station, since it is appears to be attracting more investment attention. I still holding a long position here.

( click to enlarge )

CorMedix Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: CRMD) potential breakout candidate. It looks like it's gonna try to squeeze some shorts. Once the stock breaks the 1.43 level, we should see another strong upside move. CRMD will move very quickly, so keep the stock on your screen throughout the day on Monday.

( click to enlarge )

Valeritas Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: VLRX) Volume starts to pick up again. Could make a nice move to the upside. Keep it on your watch list. A break of $1.7 with force might give VLRX room to $2

( click to enlarge )

India Globalization Capital, Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: IGC) needs to hold support at the $4 on a close basis to avoid further declines. This area is a critical support region that can determine overall bias for the stock in short-term. If you're in IGC, make sure to set your stop loss.

( click to enlarge )

Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX) Watching for breakout confirmation. The stock needs to break and hold 2.18 to confirm. A breakout could take NVAX much higher as the chart shows little resistance.

Just a last note. Many thanks for helping AC Investor Blog surpass the 30000 Followers mark on TWITTER !! I'm going to try to get 70000 followers on Stocktwits this month. It's great to see that the number of followers are increasing day by day, which hopefully means that some people enjoy my daily stock tips. Unfortunately I cant answer everyone in real-time. The best way to get in contact with me is through my email address here at the blog. BIG THANK YOU !!

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Disclaimer : This is not an investment advisory, and should not be used to make investment decisions. Information in AC Investor Blog is often opinionated and should be considered for information purposes only. No stock exchange anywhere has approved or disapproved of the information contained herein. There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. The charts provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as technical examples. Don't consider buying or selling any stock without conducting your own due diligence.

Thanks for visiting AC Investor Blog.


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