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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 

The safest car in the world

All vehicles are safer these days, but there are certain details that distinguish between themselves. The vehicle that I’ll show you today are really unique and was manufactured with the best of the best. It’s the Cadillac of Barack Obama. Created by General Motors with a cost of nearly $435.000, this car has safety items that were never used in luxury cars, having already gained the status of the world's safest car. Find out below some the most famous features of this car :

Petrol tank: shielded and covered by special foam that prevents the tank from exploding, even suffering a major impact.

The trunk: have stock of oxygen and a system of fire extinguishers

Seats: the seat Obama has accessories such as a folding table, a laptop with wireless Internet and a satellite phone, connected to the vice president and the Pentagon.

Defence Accessories : the car is equipped with cameras for night vision and machine guns. It also has tear gas bombs, and a stock of blood of the President, if he needs an emergency transfusion.

Protection anti-bomb: a metal plate of 12.7 cm is the bottom of the car, in case of a bomb planted in the ground explodes.

Tires: Tire-proof holes, they have a layer of steel under the rubber for the car can escape at high speed even if the tires are completely destroyed.

Windows: with insulfilm and thickness of 12.7 cm, are able to block bullets, grenades and explosives.

Driver's compartment: it has space for four passengers, and is separated by a window that only Obama can open. The president also has an emergency button to trigger if you need. The driver is trained by the CIA to drive under the most adverse conditions.

Doors: bullet-proof too, has thickness of 20.3 cm - the same as the door of a Boeing 757.

Driver's window: it is the only window that opens, and only 7.6 cm for the driver to communicate with any government agent or pay tolls (yes, the President also paid tolls, but has the advantage of not receiving fines of transit).

Bodywork: is made with a combination of steel, aluminum, titanium or even ceramic - spreads possible projectiles.

The features of this car is quite heavy, was not revealed anything about final weight and engine power, but it is true that the car wastes too much gas.


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yep please can you tell more regarding the safety due to in case of an accident accident.....

No. No, Osama Bin Laden, no we cannot tell you more about its safety aspects. Sorry.

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