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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 

Some of my content were hacked and used to sell inappropriate ads

Over this weekend when I was tracking the traffic of my blog I detected something unusual that was sending me few visits from an unknown domain (Brazilian company). Someone used 2 posts of my blog (March 12 & 13) and some of the code of my theme to create a page with inappropriate ads hosted in the servers of a Brazilian company. After i detected this unusual situation, I checked all html code within the blogger posts trying to find something strange, but I did not find anything wrong, all information was worked in the servers of the other company, they have replaced my charts within the posts replacing with inappropriate content. However, I removed both posts from my archive. 

This was not a problem of Google or Blogger, everything is clean and working fine, this was done by someone that used servers from other companies to sell inappropriate ads with some of my content to attract visits. During the day, I tried to contact the Brazilian company to inform about this, but the domain was also down. It’s quite amazing what people do in order to sell inappropriate content in the web.

I will keep doing my work always like I have been doing in the past, but this post is just a warning to you all, I was not the first neither the last victim of these schemes, please check everyday the traffic of your site.

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