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Saturday, February 13, 2021 

Here are a few trade ideas and my trading rules

Dearest followers,

Thank you to all of you who have been with me this far and congratulations to everyone on taking advantage of all the recent gainers since the New Year. Plus, i would like to thank you once again for the fantastic Twitter followers growth. I surpassed 110000 yesterday, just one week after hitting the key mark of 100000. This is Insane. Definitely a milestone I never imagined myself hitting, and I'm so appreciative of everyone who supports me in this passion of mine, your support is invaluable. 

I would take this opportunity also to point out, that I have never been paid to promote any company, and I never will. All of my stock picks, analysis and posts are crafted utilizing my own knowledge and experience over the years. My posts on StockTwits or Twitter are unbiased and honest. The stocks you get on this blog ,and as a free subscriber are based on my own research, charts, news or events. I hope what I write helps you navigate in the best World stock market. 

Over the past months I continue to see a lot of fake accounts being created pretending to be myself in order to scam you. I will never ever direct messages to you about any paid services. WATCH OUT for the FAKE accounts. I'm very happy to see that Twitter is aware of these scammers and any report from you or me, they act immediately (sometimes takes a few minutes) and remove these accounts. So, it's very important your support in this matter to avoid the newbies to be victims of these schemes.

Due to the increased number of followers and the continuous emails asking for knowing what my rules are, I decided to share it again.

1 - The trend is your friend, so never go against the trend.
2 - Keep your losses small. Golden rule: Cut losses short. Let profits run.
3 - Use stops. The stop loss should be placed a few cents below the supports and not at the same level (i don't use SLs for low float stocks).
4 - Learn the basics of fundamentals, charts and technical indicators.
5 - The good trader is one who makes consistent gains, so don’t be a greedy trader, appreciate the small and the big gains.
6 - Do not fear the market. Be always confident in your trade decisions.
7 - Never buy what you do not want, because you think it is cheap.
8 - Always be conscious that the loss may arise and you should be prepared for that to happen. Open mind.
9 - For large positions, you must have total control of the market never losing sight
10 -Volume is a leading indicator, so play the breakouts using the volume as support of your decision.
11 - Chart breaks without volume could be a trap and the probabilities of succeeding are low
12 - Do not be hasty to buy or sell a stock, every day there are new opportunities to make money. Being patient is the key to the success of any trader.
13 - Only believe fundamentals as long as the technical signals follow.
14 - Trading very speculative stocks is a frequent mistake.
15 - Do not trade positions too large relative to your available capital.
16 - Do not invest all your money in one company. Your portfolio must be diversified.
17 - The Greed to pick tops or bottoms is a usual error. Wait for the perfect and confirmed signal.
18 - Do not make trading decisions based on a story you saw in the morning paper. The market many times has already discounted the information.
19 - Review your missteps to improve your skills

With patience and discipline, you can take much more from the stock market than you ever gave. Trading stocks is not easy for beginners or professionals, it is really very hard and requires a lot of attention and knowledge. If stock trading was easy, everyone would be doing it. You can be successful at the stock market, with patience, discipline and a good trade set-up. The key objective is to make money and not lose it.

Let's start now sharing some interesting trade ideas for the coming week.

( click to enlarge )

Sundial Growers Inc (NASDAQ:SNDL) After peaking as high as $3.96 on Thursday, the stock has pulled back to fill the gap around the rising EMA200 on the 15m chart in early Friday trading. Despite the pullback, the accumulation line continues to rise, which means a positive divergence. Plus, the stock closed the day with a big bullish candle on decent volume above the psychological level of $2. Looking for some intense buying pressure at the open on Tuesday and I wouldn't be surprised if it hit $2.6 at some point next week. I bought back my shares. SL 1.75

( click to enlarge )

Wunong Net Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ:WNW) I want to congratulate anyone that followed the WNW pick on Thursday at $14 when nobody was talking about this China stock, which raked in over 100% in real possible gains. There were plenty of opportunities throughout the day to get involved and easily book a profit. As I tweeted yesterday, I took profits. If you're still long, stock only has a major resistance at $40

( click to enlarge )

LAIX Inc (NYSE:LAIX) Moved my profits of WNW to start a decent position in this China former runner LAIX at $3.80 Looks like building a base for the next up move. I would look for a move up to $5.2 resistance in the coming trading sessions. The MACD is curling up and about to cross. This was a $11.65 stock less than six days ago and China stocks remain the theme. Long setup on watch.

( click to enlarge )

Arcadia Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:RKDA) slumped again on Friday closing at major support. I believe now is the time to start trying to catch this "falling knife" with a tight stop loss. Any bounce from here could move to 4.60. Let's see if that happens on Tuesday. The potential growth of the company is very attractive.

( click to enlarge )

SINTX Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SINT) I believe the breakout move is the higher probability outcome of this pennant formation on the 30m chart based on technical and volume patterns. Once the breakout move begins, the 3.44 level will become critical as a future resistance level. If that level is broken, then we believe the SINT may attempt to rise to levels not seen since July 2019 around 4.3 Im still long.

( click to enlarge )

GBR This low float energy name should be in your Top watchlist as long as the crude oil goes up. This was a $30 stock less than two weeks ago.

( click to enlarge )

Churchill Capital Corp IV (NYSE:CCIV) saw its shares surged almost 27% to 39.98 on Friday. With technical daily charts showing strength, as MACD is above signal and RSI above 70, we could see this stock going strong for a while. Pullbacks to pivot are buyable. It doesn't look to be too late to join the party.

( click to enlarge )

Keep an eye on GreenPower Motor Company Inc (NASDAQ:GP) The stock looks poised to break out and run higher. Good long setup if the stock takes out the 34.45 level on volume.

( click to enlarge )

MARK is clearly working out its overbought status on a daily basis and from a technical standpoint it is a healthy consolidation for the next phase of its advance. The stock price can potentially set-up well for another swing-trade, if it breaks through the key resistance level at 4.72

( click to enlarge )

Molecular Data Inc (NASDAQ:MKD) broke and closed above its EMA-200 for the first time in months accompanied with high volume. The stock price hit a high of $1.93, which is now resistance for Tuesday’s continuation move. If the stock can break through resistance, we should see another strong upside move. MKD will move very quickly, so watch the stock closely.

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Disclaimer : This is not an investment advisory, and should not be used to make investment decisions. Information in AC Investor Blog is often opinionated and should be considered for information purposes only. No stock exchange anywhere has approved or disapproved of the information contained herein. There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. The charts provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as technical examples. Don't consider buying or selling any stock without conducting your own due diligence.

Thanks for visiting AC Investor Blog.


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