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Sunday, January 31, 2021 

The best STONKS picks for the coming week :)


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Taking a loss of a short position in stock is never a desirable outcome for any short-seller that knows that a particular company is very overpriced, but it could be a very profitable decision if the stock enters in a parabolic mode, exactly as happened with me, on Gamestop. As i announced last weekend, i had a short position on this name thinking of a possible big drop, however when i saw the powerful traction of the WSB community, i changed my mind and immediately closed the short position with a big loss to change the position to a long, which was a fantastic decision leading me to recover all the losses and making a nice profit, something that i don't understand, why was not done by the professionals with massive short positions. On Monday, it was clear to everyone that this stock will enter into a massive short squeeze. With the shorts so heavily positioned for more down side, and still piling into the short trade, as the stock moves higher they should be SMART enough to assume losses reducing additional possible losses, but they prefered to attack the system instead of managing the risk like everyone with years of experience should do. It's easy to attack everyone when the system is against us, but it is more difficult to understand what is behind the move. Fortunately, I was smart enough to interpret the game and take the right decision. I continue to not understand how is possible a company has a short interest of three times its float, something is wrong here, and certainly are not from the retail side. For me Gamestop was another great lesson that I learned and was humble enough to assume that I was wrong. If you are humble. Nothing can touch you. Neither praise or discouragement. Because you are who you are. From a technical standpoint , watch the break of this downtrend for continuation. Play what you see, not what they say, period. Immediate supports 291.13, followed by 250 then 197.44

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Fubotv Inc (NYSE:FUBO) is another heavily shorted stock that deserves your attention. fuboTV is now the second-most shorted name in the US, behind only GameStop. More than 67% of the company’s outstanding shares have an active short bet against them. Still on my top list as a short squeeze candidate. You need to watch stock closely next week. The stock needs to break the $43.30 to go higher.

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Borqs Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:BRQS) I brought this stock to your attention at $1.20 on Friday. In the after-hours market it closed at $1.54 gaining more than 34%. I think this momentum will continue into Monday and the stock could see a nice week of trading.

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Phunware Inc (NASDAQ:PHUN) was another stock that I brought to your attention at 1.85 and closed in after-hours at 2.82 following an interview of the COO of the company allegedly informing investors for the huge short interest that the company had in December and that could still be in play. I tend to trust always in what the insiders say, and in the documents that they show. Unfortunately, the Youtube video that i and other investors shared on Twitter was removed. However, it will be interesting to watch the reaction on Monday because everybody knows this stock still heavily shorted, but the numbers are a bit incoherentes. I took a long position on Friday after watching the Video. Let's see what next week brings us. 

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NASDAQ:MSN - Former runner. I used the pullback on Friday to build a slightly larger long position on this small name. I think the current prices offer a great opportunity for a possible trend reversal.

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Sundial Growers Inc (NASDAQ:SNDL) traded higher last week and has closed back above the major support, although only by a few cents. If the stock can break Friday's high next week, I think we will rally back to the $1.30 level.

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Houston American Energy Corporation (NYSEAMERICAN: HUSA) Friday's pullback seems a good opportu-nity to add longs. Key Momentum indicators remain relatively strong.

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Quhuo Ltd - ADR (NASDAQ:QH) is recovering from its recent bottom with MACD moving upwards. It looks like the stock wants to breakout of this bottom, but has not been able to gain the needed momentum. You should keep this stock on your screen radar next week.

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Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX) Another big winner for my readers. It was mentioned on the blog last week. Broke out into all time highs on massive volume. Buyable on any pullback to the pivot.

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