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Saturday, August 05, 2017 

Twitter in Focus and Why Stockal Makes Sense

I wanted to do a couple of things with this post. Ponder upon why there are anomalies in the market where some products we seem to love so much never convert into winning stocks and how we should be looking at data and analysis in today's changing environment.

So, Twitter is such a baffling study. While the platform has always been one of the most used, and often the most impactful, social network with its ability to break news and create trends, the company has never really garnered relevant investor confidence. It has regularly failed to live-up to revenue expectations and the stock has therefore never been investors' darling - always raising existential questions about the company. Is it going be an industry laggard forever?

Will it finally get acquired soon? Who knows! The price is probably attractive for an acquisition at least a couple of times every year - but no one seems to be ready to pull the trigger. Plus, there are growth concerns. So I thought why not look at the data slightly differently.

So I went on Stockal and looked at Twitter. Stockal has a couple of interesting things that other analysis platforms don't have. They look at data from an angle that often provides some unique insights. Stockal's Confidence Meter.

( click to enlarge )

Did you see the interesting correlation there? Confidence Meter is the "weighted consensus" of Wall Street analyst opinion about any stock and Stockal has created and charted this parameter for over 4000 stocks. So, while the Wall Street confidence in Twitter is certainly low now (12% is so bearish), when it did go up to nearly 30%, the price surged more than 20%. Interesting, right? And this is not technical analysis obviously. This is pure interpretation of what Wall Street is saying. Just a much more mature and scientific interpretation.

And that's why I like Stockal and often urge my followers and readers to get in on it. Because Stockal has a unique way of looking at data and is building something useful, they get my support. Like any new product, Stockal needs users and feedback and capital as they go on creating a platform that many-many investors will find useful over the next few years.

They are innovating at multiple levels - using machine learning to create features such as a personalized stock discovery system and unique indicators such as Confidence Meter - to create a product that's very user friendly.

( click to enlarge )

And much like a crowdfunding process to get capital and users,

Stockal has launched a Lifetime Subscription for it's first 5,000 users which I highly recommend. Wouldn't you support them as well?

Have a great weekend everyone !!

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