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Sunday, August 20, 2017 

Be Part of Something Significant in Investing

Dearest Readers,

First, I would like to thank everyone for your cooperation/support during these last few months of the year, with a high increase of followers on Stocktwits (54000) and Twitter (25300). Then, inform you that in the next 3 weeks (starting just Tuesday) I will be on vacations and will not be back to update the blog until 10th of September. But before I leave you, will introduce again a small overview of the features/signals that Stockal app gives us as a user.

For many years most retail investors and traders have envied people who get to use tools like Bloomberg Terminal or Reuters Eikon. What these expensive but holistic platforms offer in terms of usage is probably unparalleled in the industry - putting the most relevant information in the hands of the investor/trader at just the right time. Of course, the cost is in thousands of dollars and therefore cannot be afforded by individual investors.

Startups and tech companies have often tried to create something low-cost and useful for retail investors that could give them the same comfort that a Bloomberg Terminal gives to the professionals. I always wanted to be part of an effort of this nature - take on the "big boys", build something that investors like myself find really-really useful etc. And with Stockal, I am taking that opportunity.

A great team building an awesome product - much of which is already live and being used by thousands of investors everyday. I would love to have you, my reader and friend, join me in becoming an early user of Stockal by getting their lifetime subscription. While you will get super-cheap access to a product that could become the Terminal or Eikon for retail investors, Stockal will get your support and feedback in building a truly great platform. Of course, this will also get them the funds to continue building with confidence.

Stockal PRO, for which this limited-time, Lifetime Subscription is on offer is building-up towards a truly holistic investing platform. You can import your portfolios from brokerages like Fidelity, ETrade, Scottrade, Options House and many more and get a unified view of all your money. Stockal also has fantastic screener in addition to automatic investing ideas and suggestions to help you discover personalized stocks and ETFs. Some brilliant machine learning at work. There are also investing signals for each stock along with news, analyst articles, relevant social conversations and fundamental data so that you don't have to use ANY other tool. Then there's a great alert system to tell you about insider trades, FDA calendar, SEC filings and changes in your holdings - you don't have to move an inch to stay on top of your investments.

There's more but I'll stop here. I will only let you know that you can get the lifetime sub for $99 by getting it now. Next month onwards, Stockal is launching is regular monthly subscriptions and then it will obviously become more expensive. But much cheaper than the Bloomberg! Get your subscription HERE

 Thank you and Good luck to all of you.

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