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Saturday, August 12, 2017 

A Promising Product In-the-making For Active Investors

If your investing style is like most other people, you are going to love Stockal. 

 Most of us begin with scouting for investing ideas - in other words - identifying the kind of stocks we are interested in. It can be done either by thinking of sectors to look at or market caps to consider or some other similar parameter. Then we narrow down on a list of stocks from that criteria and add them to watchlist. We constantly “watch” those stocks for inflection points or events - such as FDA alerts, earnings calls, technical boundaries being met, insider trades etc - and pull the trigger. Then we look for the right trigger to sell as well. 

This obviously involves a lot of work. From identifying to shortlisting to watching to investing to tracking and then finally selling. Stockal looks like a pretty awesome tool for all of the above needs. And the best thing is that it covers almost all of the above requirements so smoothly that it fulfills most of your investing needs holistically. 

From idea discovery to intelligence about individual stocks to trading (via your brokerage account which you can import into Stockal) to tracking with alerts, it does everything! Basically there’s an awesome screener, very flexible and very easy to use. There’s automated intelligence for each stock from a holistic perspective - analysts, social media, news and fundamental data. There’s tons of news and reports to read so you don’t have to go to ANY other platform for that. 

There are smart alerts to inform you about insider transactions and such, so you don’t have to subscribe to some other service or keep checking the SEC website. There’s trading, so you can import your portfolios from brokerages like Fidelity, eTrade, Scottrade and many more. And all of it will be on an app next month with some more intelligent features to make your life easy. More details in a video the end of this post. Parts of it are already out there and being used by a few thousand investors. Some of it is still under development and looks like they are planning to make a full release sometime in September’17. 

They are offering a Lifetime Subscription of Stockal PRO for a select few users this month (regular monthly subscriptions start next month, now is a good time to take advantage of the lifetime sub) before they go live fully. And I think it’s a totally awesome opportunity to get in while the doors are open and while it’s available at a steep discount. 

Want to see some features in action? Try this video that’s being circulated.

Ready to get the subscription? Get the Lifetime Subscription of Stockal PRO HERE

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