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Tuesday, December 15, 2009 

500.000 Hits Today !!!!

Hello Folks !!! It's time to celebrate with all of you!!!! AC Investor Blog reached 500.000 hits today !!! I’m really glad that you are interested in my site and visit it so often. A big thank you to all my readers who have now clocked up 500,000 hits on this Blog, a score that was achieved in the afternoon. I hope to get to 1 million visitors soon, who know!!!! I have only one remark to make; I would like to see more comments here. A big thank you to all my readers and advertisers who support this blog.



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That is a huge milestone, congratulations.


Great Job.

I've told all my friends about your web site. EVEN FAMILY MEMBERS!!! WE all love it. Keep going.


Whats going on with renesola (SOL)? It appears to be making an attempt for a break out to the up side?? Currently it appears that (SOL) has bottomed out and has a reversal trend line indicating a slow rebound. Currently it appears that renesola will have to break the 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 day moving averages which all are priced around 4.10 – 4.55. This appears to be a resistance line that may be hard to break seeing how it is close to the support prices on 7/8/09 and 10/2/09 which is also a resistance point on 11/16/09. Please let me know if this appears to be correct!

Congrats AC,

Honestly, your blog is one of the best financial blogs in the blogosphere. Educational, with simple and accurate information. I saw your blog on Forbes database and since then I started to be come your fan. Thank you very much for your tips.

BERTHOD Christine

Dear AC,

With the coming of this Years very earliest Winter Holidays and the New Year I wish you a lot of health, success to make all your dreams come true and happiness to cherish with your Families at the special moments. Next Year I'll have some very high challenges to solve and I'm very happy to have your blog on my bookmark. I want to thank you for your great information and hope to continue this professional work within the next Years.

With my best regards,

Congratulations job well done and very handy information..
Keep it up.

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