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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 

SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream

Let me share this information with you. I just got an email a few minutes ago from my friend John Smith that lives in Orlando saying, AC you might not believe but what you'll see here is the most excentric car ever made. Well, after that, my curiosity was just growing even more and decided to quickly open the attachs mentioned there. The pictures that you'll see here are something unbelievable and totally amazing.

The Middle East has been signing as the center of luxury in the world and this is no different when it comes to cars. After purchasing an exclusive Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, a resident of Dubai decided to make it unique. The task was made by the studio Swiss Ueli Anliker Design, which promoted modifications on the engine, by increasing the power to impressive 999 horsepower - for purposes of comparison, the version 722S, already the most powerful produced by Mercedes, has 650 horses.

Furthermore, the model has received several aerodynamic modifications, such as the inclusion of a huge spoiler in the front and one in MUNI scaled back in order to increase the aerodynamic pressure. According to prepare, the model reaches 349 km / h maximum speed - before 335 km / h in 722S.

But what the most impreses in this model was the final touch. Were no less than 500 rubies and 14 kilograms of 24 carat gold distributed in the car, and details of the body, wheels and interior. Even the seats were filled with the precious metal.

Called SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream, the model is estimated at no less than 4.3 million dollars.


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This car deserves a BIG :FACEPALM:

puaaaaaaaagggggggg!!! is horrible!!!


tOh WapOh

Que bien, eh.

Mercedes in flames, with la vieja inside, and passing by the stone, easily!! Broken two


that's de more expensive car in the world, like as the more snub in the world too.... (i think.. in my opinion, of course, and with respect)

also, i think and with respect too, that's an insult to automovilism history, but thanks for the info guy!! ;) now i am searching a pipe bender and an invitation too, have you got anyone?

a saludation from spain for all my shurmanos and thanks of anteforo.

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