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Thursday, October 23, 2008 

ECB needs to cut rates again and aggressively

Expectations of global recession drags markets worldwide. The economic recession seems inevitable. After the turmoil of the financial system, is beginning to be consensus that the next challenge is the world's economic growth. Or lack of it. And the stock markets are already incorporating that idea. The eventuality of a new Bull market starts at this moment is completely out of my mind for now, the markets will keep going dragging the share price of stocks down until the real impact on the companies be known. Overseas the scenario is also ugly, just an example, almost all European countries are in an imminent recession, countries like Spain, Italy, France , Germany and so. ECB has underestimated the economic slowdown over the recent months due to inflationary pressures, but now they have in their hands an even bigger problem, the economy in depression and with clear signs of a deep recession in front. Finally some hope are now coming to the european consumers, after consecutive drops over the past days of the Euribor. The Euribor started reveal the measures announced by European governments and central banks, which have implemented various measures to stem the fall of stock markets and the problems of the financial sector. From now on, I'm quite sure that the rates will drop dramatically, perhaps till levels nearest of 2% or less. The negative scenario for the euro zone economy should influence this trend, no doubt about that. The accumulation of bad news will force a decision. They need to do something to restore confidence like the FED is doing here, but unfortunately nothing is working.


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