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Sunday, March 09, 2008 

Who is behind the speculation of crude ?

The world needs quickly alternative energies to combat the speculation behind crude Oil. In the previous months I have focused the problem of crude within my blog. I try to transmit to all investors who usually trades contracts that we’re living one of the most bubble situation in the history of this commodity, that in my honest opinion no make any sense. It’s a fact that demand is growing in Asia but at the same time, we start to see a significant developments in alternatives energies that are putting some pressure in some OPEC members. The world will soon live a change of mentality in the use of crude through several ways. I don’t believe that my grandchildren will be so dependent on oil like me. Recently, members of OPEC have transmitted a bad image of themselves to all when they said that crude Oil fair price should be at $80, what a shame!! If you have been reading all the latest from the OPEC members, you understand why I say that. Throughout the recent months we have been fustigated by news from them, saying that high prices of crude were a consequence of a speculation of traders, now they are saying that $80 is a good price and they will do all to maintain prices above that. I don’t want blame OPEC members for the actual prices, but it would be better using other kind of words before pass the problem for traders. I’m trader and I just follow the trend, but I have to admit that I never play in an environment of speculation, if a futures investor asked me what my advice for crude oil contracts I would say: sell all. The bubble is just a quick cycle when the prices tend to burst someday. I think day D is coming sooner than many people think. Many people are saying that current prices will affect the demand, but this is not a problem for them, because they can sell less but at high prices, which can preserve their reserves for more years. Now you understand why they are not worried. Now I ask you, this speculation is really a problem of traders? or who is behind that ? Let me know what you think about.

Enjoy your weekend !!!


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The art of "tremendous speculation" is also used by governments and petrol companies like Galp,BP.REPSOL,SHELL and others to keep final consumer prices as high as possible...
The example of this "tremendous speculation" happens almost in a weekly manner in Portugal (Europe)...

I completely agree that others are fooled by the idea that we shall run out of crude oil for if the price rises, then more is preserved not changing much of anything.

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